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The Ultimate Success Strategy:  Build High-Trust Relationships
Identify the key stakeholders of your business or organization.  Discover nine fundamental components that must be present to build high-trust relationships, and increase customer loyalty.
Getting Things Done:  A Proactive Approach to Time Management
Assess your mastery of time in 12 specific areas.  Identify specific strategies to leverage your strengths and increase your effectiveness in all areas.
Managing with Style:  Understanding and Leading Others with DiSC
Identify your personal management style using the DiSC profile.  Learn to identify and adapt to the style of those who work for you to increase effectiveness.
Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress
Assess your current level of job satisfaction, stress and the use of four key coping skills.  Identify the primary stressors in your world, and learn to use specific coping strategies.
Managing Expectations and Improving Communication
Reduce turnover, increase employee loyalty and open the lines of communication regarding specific work expectations.  Assess and develop your skills as a listener.
Dimensions of Leadership
Assess your own level of performance in 12 specific dimensions of leadership.  Understand how each of these dimensions impact your current and future effectiveness as a leader.
Essential Building Blocks of Innovation and Creativity
Understand four basic approaches to working within a team.  Determine your personal approach, and identify five key roles that enhance the creative and innovative work of teams.
Value Diversity: Build Bridges of Understanding
Work more effectively with others by increasing your awareness, understanding and acceptance of people and their differences.  Create a culture that values diversity and actively solicits different points of view.
Managing Change
Develop an approach to change that allows for smooth implementation, supports organizational development, creates ‘buy-in” and retains employees and customers throughout the process.
Note:  Each one-day program includes a complete set of workbook materials along with professionally designed self-assessment profiles that help identify specific strengths and development opportunities related to the seminar topic.

W. R. Bills Consulting

Success Strategies for the 21st Century